Hi! I'm Julia :)

I take photos of people.

Click click! I'm a tattooed, milk-tea-loving, San-Francisco-based photographer. My family moved here from Russia when I was 7 years old, so I basically consider myself a native. I know the Bay like the back of my hand, so yes, I can def suggest some places to shoot!

I've been taking photos of people since freshman year of high school, and I'm pretty old now, so, you know, lots of practice! I share a home with the love of my life / my best friend / husband and our fluffy cat.

I love capturing emotions.

There are moments in life that everyone wants to remember and share with others, and I'm here to make sure that you can! Sure, everyone has a cell phone nowadays, but trust me, it's not the same.

Most importantly, choose a photographer that you vibe with! You should feel comfortable and focus on enjoying yourself (not posing for stuffy photos). So... lets grab a cup of coffee and you can tell me how you met!

My philosophy is: be authentic!

In life, and in photos. The most beautiful images come from moments where you're just being yourself. So go ahead and laugh, cry, snort... just do you, and I promise you'll not only have the best time, but you'll love the result.

<3 <3 <3

^ Having the best time at our wedding! ^